Indica Delight Pre Rolls

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The new Indica box come withThe new Hybrid box come with 4g spread into 5 delights joints full of flavour. Only 100% indoor organic/veganic bud ! No shake



Indica Delight Pre Rolls

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The new Indica box comes with The new Hybrid box comes with 4g spread into 5 delights joints full of flavor. Only 100% indoor organic/veganic bud! No shake! hand-trimmed. The box can come in different Indica strains. Each box has a label with its strain name and properties.

An uplifting percent is wonderful for outside activities or social settings. carries tasting notes cutting-edge sweet, citrus, and earthy.
Pleasure contains singlestress joints decided on specifically to give you all smiles. suitable for hang classes and breezy adventures.

Solar grown. Sustainable. Pesticide-loose. Rolled in all-natural papers.

Decided specifically to give you all smiles. precise for hold periods and breezy adventures. Tasting notes candy, citrus, earthy. every package consists of five .5g joints.

The appropriate dose latest Indica Delight Pre Rolls, 100% herbal flower (no shake). Every hand-decided indica strain is grown outdoorthe use of sustainable and state-of-the-art technology and natural nutrientsensuing in aesthetically lovely vegetation with awesome flavor prostate-of-the-articles and wonderful THC stages. Hand-rolled in organic uncooked all herbal hemp paper. these little beauties are the whole lot you want and all you wantconsidering that our release in 2017, Treehouse’s popularity has usually hinged on sourcing artisanal nice100natural, and pesticide-loose flower from farmers who care deeply about the product. Treehouse Delights is pushing the bounds latest responsible, sustainable, and modern hashish farming. each preroll incorporates 1.5 g state-of-the-art flower.


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