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Buy Grape God, Yaletown Flower Co. brings us Grape Indica dense sticky medium sized nugs with lots of crystal and that rank grape indica nose!!

Grape Indica is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines God Bud and Grapefruit genetics. As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes that activate on the exhale. Powerful, long-lasting euphoria knocks out stress, leaving your mood elevated and your body relaxed.


About Grape God seeds

Grape God is a strain with both the indica as the sativa variety and has a THC percentage of 15%. This strain has CBD levels around 1%. Grape Indica has similarities with God Bud and Grapefruit and is a combination of 30% indica and 70% sativa. Grow Grape Indica seeds and get a fine marijuana plant with generous crops. Grow Grape Indica seeds into a nice and bushy marijuana plant, about 50 days of flowering before the plant is ready.

The Grape Indica has a Sweet, Berry, Grape, Grapefruit and Pungent taste and the grape indica has an euphoric, sleepy, uplifted, happy, and relaxed effects. You cannot buy Grape Indica seeds in one single seedbank on the internet, as soon as we know a shop which are selling Grape Indica seeds, we will post it here.

It might be developed outdoors and can be ready for harvest. Sativa cannabis strains are frequently accustomed to stimulate creativeness, boost Vitality, and ignite target. Sativa’s are generally accustomed to enhance the consumer’s appetite and mitigate signs and symptoms a result of depression and ADHD. As a consequence of sativa’s cerebral results, They may be most effective appreciated each morning or mid-afternoon. It might be developed outdoors and can be ready for harvest, in the best local climate, in October. You’ll get about fourteen oz per plant. .

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